DiamCalc - How to Buy
(US $320)

If you have already downloaded the DiamCalc trial version skip to 6.

If you have haven't, start from 1.

1. First - print this page so you can refer back to these instructions

2. You must first download the trial version. (Link at the bottom of the page. Please read these instructions first)

3. When you click on the download link a screen will pop up, select "OK".

A second "Save As" screen will then pop up. Select a location on your computer that you will remember.

4. Once the file has downloaded go to the location on your computer where you saved the file.
Close all other programs that may be running on your computer.
Double click on the downloaded setcalc2.exe file

5. Follow the installation prompts.

6. Once the installation has finished go to
Start button/Programs/DiamCalc 2/DiamCalc 2 to run the program


Free Trial Version Download (just click here)